Getting Help


YOU FEEL ALONE. I know asking for help is SCARY. But you can’t keep everything a secret. Being separated or divorced without asking for help is like trying to move a trailer without a hitch. You need people to help hold you up and carry you through this time.  This is the time to let people know that you aren’t ok.

  1. Tell atleast 3 friends or family members what is going on with you life. You need a support system.
  2. Tell atleast 1 pastor what is going on.
  3. Get your pastor to refer you to a good spiritual counselor.
  4. Get free consults from attorneys to find out your rights if you are in a rough situation and feel you need to take legal action.
  5. Search the web for self-help legal centers in your area. You can usually get free forms, instructions on how to fill them out, and there may be programs for pro-bono lawyers through your state.
  6. Help yourself by allowing yourself to feel broken, to feel less functional, to feel crazy..because these are all normal emotions and feelings. Let yourself be you during this time. Give yourself little treats. Sit outside in the sun, go take a walk, go to a dog park and play with dogs, go to the gym, buy some icecream, get your hair done!!!