Books that helped me along the way

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Upon first separating with my husband, I was desperate to get my hands on a book that would bring me comfort, sanity, and somehow bring some normalcy into the crazy situation that I was in.

During that time, I had a hard time hearing God. However, one day, I heard him say  “Divorced but not Defeated”–which ended up being a title of a Christian book! God also led me to a few other books that have been my go-to. I hope these books help you as well.

Books for Initial Stage of Shock, Separation Stage (Limbo stage), and Divorce.

  • The Breakup Bible by Rachel A Sussman. She gives you homework like changing your bedsheets…making your room a sanctuary…different practical hands on steps to make your life less of a mess and more of a movement towards discovering yourself and being the best version of you during this difficult time. It helped me to keep sane. It is not a Christian book but it is very good.
  • Broken Heart on Hold, Surviving Separation by Linda Rooks. She actually ended up reconciling with her husband after about 3 years of separation. It is an inspiring story with hope. Each page is a raw devotional style entry.
  • I Don’t Love you Anymore, Divorced but Not Defeated by Shelley Fay. This is a Christian perspective on what it is like to get divorced, cheated on, and be left with no other option but to try and recover. She gives an in depth look at what it was like to be a single mother with 3 children and having to restart her life with nothing but faith. It also is a story of how God provided for her in every way and restored what was stolen from her! This book was honestly a Godsend. It really shows you that every emotion you are feeling is normal!
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Divorce and Recovery. A book that gives you hope that even if your situation turns into Divorce, there are happy endings after all.
  • A Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women by Colleen Sell. I feel like this is the uncensored version of Chicken Soup for the Soul because it shows the raw emotions of women in their pain and agony before filing for divorce or maybe even after.  There are stories of women who had to sell their wedding rings, had to say goodbye…and it is all comforting to know that others have walked in our shoes and now it is a story that is in the past.
  • When God Doesn’t Make Sense by James Dobson.  Can I describe how this book has started to renew my faith? It challenges the idea that God always has to make sense. We sometimes mix up God working all things for good with God making sense. God never promised to give us all the answers or offer explanations. And because we expect God to make sense–when he doesn’t, we blame him. This book is great for anyone struggling with their faith.
  • Healing the Heart, Overcoming Betrayal in your Life by Joan Hunter. A great read from a pastor’s wife who discovered a secret of her husband’s.  It takes you through her journey of pain and finding healing.